Whoever said dogs can’t talk has
clearly not read this book.

We all want our dogs to talk to us, and we would all love to know what they’re thinking. Or would we? It might shatter our illusions!

What we really want is for them to have human thoughts and emotions exactly the same as ours. If Only I Could Talk fulfils that desire.

There are many wonderful textbooks out there that delve deeply into a dog’s mind, and there are plenty of autobiographical tales of some truly remarkable dogs by their (not so remarkable) owners, yet there are few books which let us see things through our dog’s eyes.

If Only I Could Talk breaks that tradition in a tale like no other – portraying the inimitable friendships between fellow dogs, and with their two-legged companions. The book also explores the delicate but remarkable bond that is formed between an autistic child and one very special dog.

If Only I Could Talk is not simply a story of how a dog changes the lives of one single family, it reveals the engrained effect he has on three separate families in two very different worlds. Anything but just another Marley and Me spinoff, this adventure is all about the dog and less about the Me.

You’ll never look at your dog in the same way again.

If Only I Could Talk
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