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Author: Tony Lewis

Tony Lewis was born and raised on the Lancashire-Cumbria border but, for the time being, he lives in the Provençal South of France, dividing his time between there and ‘home’.

He lives with his Belgian partner, Ludmilla, they currently have no cuddly dogs, no children (cuddly or otherwise), but share their little hamlet hideaway with an outspoken cockerel and his four hens, and a family of uninvited wild boar intent on destroying the garden.

He loves (almost!) all things French, professes to be at least semi-bilingual, and enjoys the simple pleasures of cycling and exploring the local countryside in his faithful walking boots. Oh, and dog walking …

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‘I think, therefore I write. If only I could keep things in that order.’

Influenced and inspired by the countryside and landscapes of my youth, If Only I Could Talk – a Canine Adventure is my first published novel. After homing several strays from rescue centres over the years, this is my way of thanking my four-legged compadres for their unfailing loyalty and friendship. It brings together my fervour for my native Lancashire, my passion for France and my love of dogs.

Born more than four decades ago in the heavily accented heart of Lancashire, I stayed there until my early twenties. Having spent far too long in further education, bicycle mechanics and aeronautical engineering, I discovered I much preferred rosé and olives to fuselages and bomb housings, so I collected my P45 and snuck off across the Channel to France to see if their grass really was greener.

I’ve been there on-and-off for more than twenty years now (possibly the longest day-return ticket ever?), and have filled my time as a Windsurf Instructor and Big White Van Driver (though not simultaneously), a Campsite Team Leader, and a Distribution Manager for a luxury self-drive camping company.

I now earn my daily baguette working for a walking and cycling holiday company, looking after holidaymakers, writing route instructions and guides, and tinkering with bikes … again.

That insatiable wanderlust – along with my hair – has all but gone, but I still love to write, so there’s got to be a pithy moral of sorts in there somewhere, surely …

Best wishes,

If Only I Could Talk
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