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Praise for If Only I Could Talk:

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‘An amazing insight into the thoughts, humour and emotions of our four-legged friends.’
– Helen Jackson, Auckland, New Zealand

‘I couldn’t stop reading this! … Brilliant!’
– A.L. Skip Mahaffey, author of Adventures With My Father

‘The cover is brilliant and the contents do not let the cover down.’
– Lisa W.B., author of A Fine Line: A Balance to Survive

‘Wonderfully different.’
– Susan Bennett, Victoria, Australia

‘Whether or not you have ever owned a dog … you will fall for Nelson’s charms. He’s a fabulous character and the relationship between him, his owners and other doggie friends is compelling. I was gripped from the first chapter and read the book in just a few days, during which time I was on a rollercoaster ride of emotion as Nelson’s “tail” unfolded.’
– Paula Duff (Legacy Development Officer for a major UK animal charity), Sheinton, Shropshire

‘Flipped me from being childishly giggly to humbling and angry … The story of [Nelson] trying to find [his] way in life made me think of all the hardships dogs must experience … as well as how incredibly happy, loyal and forgiving they are. The way that it is written is quite enchanting … when is the next one?’
– Sarah Guy, Reading, Berkshire

‘[An] amazingly tender and touching story … [Lewis has] a gift to be able to express so well what an animal might be thinking … My heart has been deeply and forever touched.’
– J.V. Douglas, Longview, Texas, USA

‘I haven’t read a dog book since I was a child when I read Jack London’s classic work … I shall refer to your book as White Fang 2.’
– Barry Wenlock, Pokhara, Nepal

‘Incredible writing … by someone who really loves and knows his dogs … a beautiful, poignant read.’
– Katy Roberts, Brighton, England

‘Some of the most gripping, emotional work I’ve read … expertly woven.’
– Thomas J. Winton, Hobe Sound, Florida, USA

‘Animal lovers of all ages will agree that, like their furry pals, this book is one to be treasured … Nelson’s life is one long, if not always happy, adventure. We witness how Nelson reacts to the world he encounters and we are captivated by his unique outlook on life. To get this close, Lewis must have spent months on all fours: eating from a dog bowl, sniffing lampposts and squirting bushes … a delightful story of a dog whose spirit will not be stifled … The story line is compelling and there is a significant twist at the end. Whilst the author does not over-indulge in sentimentality, this tale is a bittersweet one and you might need to have a tissue handy!’
– Sally-Ann Mair, Peebles, Scotland

‘A wonderful tale of hope and love.’
– Dawn Evans, Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa

‘A pure Disney movie in words.’
– Frank McGrath, Dublin, Ireland

‘Emotional and touching … a story told from the heart, with great love and compassion for animals …They do talk … it’s just that we can’t understand them.’
– Sheila Belshaw (author of Fly with a Miracle), Menorca, Spain

‘Charming and heart-warming.’
– Karen Blakeney, Gulfport, Mississippi, USA

‘A sensitive and touching book.’
– Julio Pinera, Miami, USA

‘A very moving book … an amazing story of two brave dogs … told in a way which keeps it from being submerged in sentimentality … very funny as well as emotionally satisfying.’
– Gerry McCullough, Belfast, Northern Ireland

‘An endearing, heart-warming story.’
– Sandra Garcia, Johannesburg, South Africa

‘An unusual and rather intense story … solid and readable … grabs hold and doesn’t let go. Imaginative and strangely compelling.’
– Michael Dax, Berkshire, England

‘[Lewis has] a wonderful talent for writing and an imagination that does it proud. This is just a simple book, but it is utterly fantastic … Marley and Me all over again (but in a good way, not a copycat way).’
– Andrew Morgan, Ashford, Kent, England

‘We all like to imagine that our pets have human personalities, and this really takes it home. Of course, animals do have thoughts and feelings. What I really like about this is how [Lewis] makes Nelson and Rascal real characters, even giving each of them a sort of inner monologue.’
– Robert Sperber (journalist and editor), Washington DC, USA

‘Very accessible, touching and immediate.’
– Elizabeth Jasper, Andalucia, Spain

‘What dog lover could resist this? … [A] story with an integrity that does full justice to a much-loved animal’s fighting spirit and joy for life … A superb story.’
– Cas Peace (author of For the Love of Daisy), Hampshire, England

‘If Only I Could Talk is a delightful story. It’s difficult not to love the whole idea.’
– Phil Rowan, London, England

‘James Herbert did this before, with Fluke, but not as well. [Lewis] writes with more sensitivity and care for [his] main character.’
– Andrew Wright, Sussex, England

‘Extremely well written and endearing.’
– David McCaffrey, Cornwall, England

‘[I am] surprised at how well [Lewis] can write this from the POV of a dog – and then switch back to humans so effortlessly.’
– K.J. Kiron (Creative Writing teacher), Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

‘Nelson deserves a medal ... Any dog lover would want this.’
– Jeanette Ellwood, Boston, Lincs, England

‘So well done … full of anguish, panic, hope, angst … Very engaging!’
– C.W. Bigelow, North Carolina, USA

‘A wonderful story. Beautifully written.’
– Lynne Morley, Llanfechain, Wales

‘[Lewis] understands dogs, that’s obvious, but he also has the ability to make them come alive on the page.’
– Jared Conway, Malaga, Spain

‘Bravo – this is brilliant, unique in voice.’
– Elizabeth Lindberg, New York, USA

‘I can read the most gruesome, gory gritty books about humans without even a blink, yet books about animals always get me. Huge market for dog lovers and, while wiping away the odd tear, [I] did enjoy it very much.’
– Jane Alexander, Exmoor, Somerset, England

‘The images [Lewis] portrays are just astounding … It flows and reads like a movie. I was captivated.’
– Marianna V., Philadelphia, USA

If Only I Could Talk
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